Bamboo fencing is the perfect design piece for any living space or outdoor project. Use our bamboo fencing to create a calming atmosphere with privacy and peace. Each attractive fence is eco-friendly and easy to maintain and update. If you’re looking to create a tropical outdoor theme, bamboo fences are a great addition to enhance any deck or patio area. Bamboo fencing also works well as indoor décor in any small or large space. Use our fencing to add color and texture to any room.

Vanderbilt Quality Fence offers a wide selection to choose from, guaranteed to work with any project you may have in mind.

Bamboo is known for its durability and longevity. Our bamboo fences have undergone rigorous testing methods and have been able to withstand many different types of weather climates and environments. With the proper maintenance our bamboo fences will last for years and years. Our Bamboo fencing is even pest resistant, unlike traditional wood products that often become worn down by termites and other damaging insects. To make bamboo fences last even longer we recommend using a sealant finish to keep fences fully preserved. If you have any questions about Bamboo Fencing, give us a call today!